Finding your FlickBike

Your FlickBike journey starts with finding a FlickBike near you. FlickBikes are instantly available on city streets. 

Follow these steps to find your nearest FlickBike:

  • Download the FlickBike app.
  • You will see a map showing all FlickBikes.
  • Finish the registration process in order to start using FlickBikes.
  • Select a FlickBike near you and reserve it. The bike will be dedicated to you for 15min.




Riding a FlickBike

Enjoy the ride. FlickBikes are made of light-weight aluminium, have air-less tires and are charging themselves with a solar panel. 

Follow these steps while riding a FlickBike:

  • Open the lock by using your FlickBike app and scanning the QR code.
  • Ride to your destination, you pay €1,- for each 30 minutes.
  • If you have a Promo code, you will find the discount on your invoice.


Parking and checking out a FlickBike

The most important rule is that FlickBikes should be parket in designated parking areas. You can find the areas as a colored map in the mobile app. If an area is grey, you are not allowed to check out the bike.

Parking rules and regulations are different in each city district, event, city and/or country.

In oder to avoid parking fees while parking a FlickBike in Amsterdam, please review the city rules and regulations.



FlickBike Payments


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