FlickBike is awesome because you don't need to bring back a bike to a certain location. That said, users must follow bike parking rules and should respect citizens and visitors.

The most important is to follow city regulations and park a FlickBikes in a designated rack, like all other bikes in the city:

Follow these steps while dropping a FlickBike after usage

  • Like any bike, park the FlickBike only in designated bike parking locations, docks, racks and staples.
  • Check the mobile app whether you are not located in a restriced parking zone. If so, please move to a valid parking space.
  • Manually close the lock, it will notify a confirmation with a bleem sound and in your app.
  • Remember: as long as you keep the bike open, you are being charged.All your rides are charged on your credit card or bank account periodically through a generated FlickBike invoice.
  • Avoid parking in underground garage, tunnels or any place where the city council have restricted parking.
  • For more information about parking in Amsterdam, click here.

The restricted parking areas are shown in the mobile app:



Parking rules and regulations are different in each city district, event, city and/or country.


In order to avoid parking fees while parking a FlickBike in Amsterdam, please review the city rules and regulations.

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